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Are you looking for a solution to optimize your production, without increasing the amount of errors?

Visiongeek will help you roll out a system, which automatically inspects your products. An accurate detection of errors will help you to meet the high demands regarding quality.

  • We are focussing on our two separate activities
  • Reliable and objective measurements
  • Fast data capturing
  • Big data gathering and analytics
  • Accuracy, even on micron-level

Discover the assets of vision technology and how it could be an asset in your production environment.

With PSS, you can instantly obtain detailed information about your current stock.

We are specialized in identifying and validating any original barcode label in no time. This makes relabeling of incoming goods obsolete.

What can you expect from us:

  • Repalletization
  • Damage registration
  • A flawless integration with existing systems
  • Automatic reception of goods via Electronic Data Interchange

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your production and/or logistical flow? Discover the added value of PSS and save time and money.



Emsys is an independent consultancy agency, part of the Taste Westerlund Group.
Being part of such a large and stable group, we have the opportunity to build our expertise in developing software applications.

We are focussing on our two separate activities: Visiongeek and PSS. But our main goal is serving our clients, by optimizing their logistical flow or production process.

Are you looking for a sparring partner? You found your perfect match!
Emsys has a team of dedicated engineers, involving our clients in every step of their project.


Emsys was founded in 1967 as Medior (Mechanografische Dienst en Organisatie), by Hugo Wolfs, Hugo Manshove and Jean-Jacques Westerlund. Initially Medior managed all databases of Procter&Gamble. But Medior also developed software applications for accountancy and order fulfilment, especially for SME’s in the Benelux and France.

Even back then, we kept on evolving! All the expertise we managed to build up, could be invested in automating the Westerlund terminal in the port of Antwerp, during the eighties. At that time, it was Antwerp’s biggest terminal to stock and ship paper. Medior evolved continuously and this is why we swapped names in 2000 to Embedded Systems, Emsys. Emsys kept working hard on developing PSS and became world leader tracking paper worldwide.

Due to the recession within the paper industry, Emsys launched Visiongeek in 2014. This new brand offers high-end machine vision solutions in order to inspect your production automatically inline. At the same time, we are planning a relaunch of our business unit PSS. After all we are convinced that identification using barcodes, will allow us to track a wide range of products. 

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